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Anat Draigor


2016-2018 Open University, English and Arabic studies. Teachers Union, Multimedia, Photoshop and Site Development courses.

2011-2013 Achva College, General History and Israel Studies, Teaching Degree.

1999-2005 Leumi Bank of Israel, Diploma in Credit, Finance, Economics, Accounting and Management.

1998-1999 Mati Business Development Center, Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

1993-1995 Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Master's Degree in Arts - Education and Educational Philosophy.

1989-1992 Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Bachelor's Degree in Arts - Education, Modern Day Judaism and Gender Studies.

1990-1991 Alliance Francaise, Paris, France. Certificate in French Language.

1985-1986 Wingate Institute, Certificate in Basketball Coaching.

1984-1985 Wingate Institute, Certificate in Sports Management.

1978-1979 Open University, Certificate in Computer Skill and Social Psychology.

Languages: Hebrew Mother Tongue, English and French.


Professional Experience

Knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, finance, project management, planning, implementing and executing

2017 Hall of Fame Israel Women's Basketball – Founder

2017 Author of "Games and Movements in Basketball", Wingate Institute Publication

2011 Wingate Academic College, Lecturer on Basketball Coaching and Teaching for Instrcutors

2005-2017 "Draigor-Sal" , Private business, training, instructing and management of basketball and sports

2008-2009 Public Council for Women's Sports, Professional Coordinator, "Women's Basketball Truck", creating programs, implementing and executing, budget management, filing reports, supervision, control

2007 Co-Author of "Basketball in the Painted Area", with Moshe Rosenberg

1999-2005 Leumi Bank of Israel, Personal Banking Management, Business Department Management, Team Leader in Business Department

1995-2013 Coaching and Management in Women's Basketball, Coach and Player in Hapoel Matte Yehuda (2006-2011), Israel's Cadet Team, Semifinals of European Cup (2000), Israel's under 16 Team  (1999), Elitsur Ramla (1999), Elitsur Holon PlayOff (1998), Hapoel Upper Galilee (1996-1998), ASA Jerusalem (1995-1996), Professional Manager of Elitsur Holon School of Basketball (1994-1995), Coach and Training for young talented basketball players in Wingate (1990-1995), Professional Coordinator in Hapoel Jerusalem (1984-1986), Coordinator and Coach in Jerusalem Municipality Sports & Leisure events (1982-1984)

1986-2008 Media: Commentator Women's Basketball Israeli Television (2000-2009), Radio Commentator Premiere League Men's Basketball (1994-2001), Personal columns in Sports sections in Hebrew newspapers Maariv, Hadashot, Yerushalayim, Shishi (1986-1997), Israel Radio, Broadcaster (1994)

1974-1994: Professional Basketball Player – Captain of Israel's Women's Basketball Team (1974-1994), Paris and Clermont, France (1981-1992), Elitsur Holon (1974-1980)

1978-1989 Israel Defense Forces, Israel Air Force, Army Service as Physical Fitness Instructor


Public Office Roles

Ministry of Sports and Culture, member of Foreigner Committee (2011)

Ministry of Education and Culture, member of Israel Prize committee for sports (2006)

Gaming Council Committee member (2005)

Public Committee on Criteria for Sports Funding for Gaming Council (2004)

Israel Knesset Committee on Paralympic Sports (2001)

Ministry of Sports and Culture, member of Foreigner Committee (2000)

Israel Basketball Association, member of Professional Committee (1994-1998)

Israel Basketball Association, member of Management Board

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, member of Communication Committee (1994)

NPO "Lachen", for advancing women in sports, Founder and member (1994-1995)

Elitsur Sports Organization, member in Professional Committee (1994)

Member of Public Committee for sports leagues in Jerusalem on criteria and budgets (1994)


Awards and Degrees

Tel Aviv Athlete Hall of Fame (2019) 

Honorary Doctoral degrees Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (2019)

Laisha Magazine – Chosen as Most Awarded Female Basketball Player (2018),

YNET site – Number 42 in Israel's Greatest Athletes list (2018)

Walla site – Number 35 in Israel's Greatest Athletes list (2018)

Israel Olympic Committee Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement in Sports (2005)

Israel Olympic Committee, Decade's Fairest Female player (2002)

Maariv Magazine Coach of the Year (1998)

Israel Basketball Association, Israel's Female Basketball Player of the Jubilee (1998)

Holder of 16 State Championships and 13 National Cups with Elitsur Holon (1979-1994), one as Coach

1 France Championship with Clermont, France

1 France Deputy Championship with Racing Club, Paris

Voted as Israel's Number One Women's Basketball Player of all times, by 100 journalists and coaches (1991)

Basket Queen of National Team in European Championship (1991)

Guiness World Record holder for 136 points in one game (2006)

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